"We didn't want to create a conference. We wanted a community of people that want to be amazing."

With mastermind classes, webinars, executive coaching calls, and fun events like learning how to milk cows, make gin, and do mini apprentice-style challenges, this isn't your ordinary group. It's a community built for people who like to work hard and do interesting things for fun.

Not only do we bring in some of the absolute best-and-brightest young professionals to teach fellow attendees how to be awesome, but we keep them around as mentors and coaches. We take a very hands-on approach to maximizing each person's success. Want an example? We have a specially allocated budget for the sole purpose of flying to industry leaders and getting them to teach mini-classes on topics that any of our attendees want to know more about. We care about you making an impact in your company as much as you do.

Here are a few of the ways we are going above and beyond to make sure our attendees reach their potential:


Monthly interactive talks with industry leaders, creative executives, and people who have already conquered the problems you face.

Learning Platform Access

Mini-Classes on topics you need to know, from reading body language to negotiating a raise. Access this vital information from anywhere, anytime.

Networking Experiences

Build deeper relationships with other ambitious young professionals that’ll last a lifetime. We keep it fun, engaging and exclusive to attendees

Executive Coaching Calls

We’ll pay for you to get 1-on-1 calls with executive advisors (usually $150/hour)

Either Do or Do Not. There is No Try.

The only way to learn how to be amazing and shine within highly structured environments is to learn from those who've already done it. Our speakers & coaches hail from big companies like UPS, Google & Sprint, small companies like DBB and non-profits like the American Heart Association.

Emerging Star 

Hear from industry leaders and 20s & 30s professionals who have already faced the challenges you will encounter...and mastered them.

 Learn the mindset and strategies used by some of the best in the country to find needs within their workplace that they can create the perfect solution for and become workplace legends

All Food, coffee bar drinks & snacks included

Game Changer 

For professionals that want a team of people actively looking out for their success. Includes all of the Emerging Star perks plus:

Access to the speaker, mentor & sponsor exclusive networking events and webinars

Free calls with $150/hr executive coaches

Access to post events like omelet making lessons with an award winning professional chef, boxing lessons with the USA Boxing Captain, ballroom & ballet lessons with members of the acclaimed KC Ballet

Mentor matching with former or current corporate, startup or non-profit leaders